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Wed 16 Oct

What do you do if you work full-time and are a single mother in Sierra Vista?

Single mothers:  in many ways, they are the emerging face of the new mother in America because of the high divorce rate and a number of births out of wedlock.  With the divorce rate hovering at approximately 50% and one out of three babies in America being born to unmarried women, single mothers and their needs are quickly changing the nature of childcare in America. So, what is a single mother living in Sierra Vista who work three full-time jobs to pay the bills and survive going to do?  She can easily turn to Bedpage.com, Sierra Vista’s version of Craigslist, for Sierra Vista childcare arrangements and options! This is the subject of discussion in this write-up, so read on to learn more!


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Many Sierra Vista childcare programs are available to all mothers - single or married - living in Sierra Vista.  Some of the higher-quality programs, while more expensive, do offer premium childcare services for infants, babies, toddlers, and young kids in Sierra Vista.  These programs are sought after because of their licensed and highly educated teachers who are motivated, caring, and have a track record of engaging their students in quality learning.  They care about their students;therefore, they make sure that the students actually learn many useful concepts and skills which will help them when they enroll in the formal K-12 education system.  A good childcare program in Sierra Vista is Mama Maria’s Garden.  This outdoor education program costs between $150 to $650 per week and places a strong emphasis on its students’ learning music, literature, and art at their own pace, and according to their own learning styles.  Kids between the ages of 2-5 are admitted into this program.  This program and similar other programs are available on the childcare section of Bedpage.com


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Since childcare options in America are vast and diverse, it follows that the same would apply to one of America’s largest metros, Sierra Vista.  Indeed, Sierra Vista is home to some of the best childcare options in America, and perhaps the world!  A good option for childcare (in Sierra Vista) is Laura B who is located in Culver City, California.  She charges between $19-$31 an hour to provide toddlers and young kids with quality childcare from a licensed, experienced, and caring provider.  Turn to the childcare section on Bedpage’s website for her information, and for information on caregivers for kids who are like her.  She teaches the kids she watches educational skills including reading and appreciation of the arts and music.  She teaches them manners and civic and moral values as well!


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Sierra Vista has many daycare options available to both working parents and single mothers who want to leave their kids in safe and reputable daycare centers.  They can easily find these options on the childcare section of Bedpage.com.  Some daycare centers in Sierra Vista which are worth a mention are Bonilla Family Daycare and The Stratford School - Sierra Vista.  Both places are listed on Bedpage’s website, and both places offer parents peace of mind with their strong emphasis on developing their students’ behavior, speech, communication, and language skills.  These students also learn good manners and civic and moral values.


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Many parents are hesitant to drop their kids off in daycare centers while they work because they know that these centers are run by indifferent and uncaring faculty.  They also know that most daycare centers are germ and disease factories.  However, there are times when these parents MUST enroll their kids in daycare centers, usually when friends and relatives are unwilling or unable to watch their kids for a fixed and nominal fee ($100 for an 8-hour day of watching little kids!)  They can turn to Bedpage in this instance because this classified site lists literally hundreds of daycare centers whose staff are kind, caring, licensed, and have a reputation for great teaching.  Additionally, these centers are clean and attending kids rarely if ever become ill.  Some good centers are UCLA Westwood childcare center, and Exposition Park Montessori school childcare center.


  • Babysitting

When most people hear the word ‘babysitting,’ a stereotypical image of a teenage girl sitting the kids she is babysitting in front of the television while she talks to her boyfriend on her iPhone and eats bonbons may come to mind.  However, this is just a stereotype.  The average babysitting job is very demanding, challenging, and rewarding.  Parents who visit Bedpage.com in search of quality babysitting services will not be disappointed!  They can easily find babysitters who are caring, talented, experienced, and have a great record in terms of childcare!  One such babysitter is Andrea E who charges between $25-$40 an hour, but provides quality childcare centers with her many people skills which she uses to keep the kids she watches are always productive and happy.  Her many years of experience give her the skills to do this!


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Many quality babysitter sexist in Sierra Vista, and they are definitely like the stereotype of the indifferent teenage girl who is babysitting in her spare time for some extra money.  Parents who visit Bedpage’s childcare section will find babysitter who are talented, experienced, caring, and capable of being great teachers.  It is true that their services are on the pricier side, but parents can look forward to a skilled, experienced, and licensed caretaker with their kids.  The best part is that these babysitters do everything possible to protect the kids they are babysitting


Good childcare may only be a click away

Indeed, with the many Sierra Vista childcare centers, childcare centers, childcare places, daycare and day care centers, babysitters, and babysitting services available on Bedpage.com, good childcare may only be a click away for Sierra Vista parents!

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